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"Plant a Million Tree"

About The SuiGeneris Inc.

A pioneer in the field of green revolution, The SuiGeneris Inc. is a privately owned sustainable development enterprise based in Manipur. Launched in 2007 by Mr. Ragesh Keisham, the company currently owns and manages a large plantation of Cymbopogon Citratus in Imphal


This medicinal herb gives a high and rare yield in the tropical land of jewels and the organization is using controlled conditions to replicate ancient methods for producing a naturally caffeine free herbal tea, that is rich in antioxidants and loaded with wellness benefits. Based on the principles of a triple bottom line organization, The SuiGeneris Inc. is dedicated to people, planet and profit.


It is generating gainful employment in one of the least economically developed states of the Indian subcontinent and uses all available resources for manufacturing a world-class product. The company adheres to organic farming policies and the produce is grown and packaged without any pesticides, fertilizers, coloring agents, flavors or other additives. The SuiGeneris Inc. is primed for bringing a revolutionary transformation in global consumption of the lemongrass plant.


It currently offers a single product line called CC Tea for which cultivation is done on a pristine 75-acre farm. An additional 250 acres have been acquired and four more product lines are to be added over the next 12 months. The company already provides meaningful employment to nearly 2000 individuals including hundreds of underprivileged women across Manipur.


It is triggering a much-needed wave of development in this struggling region and has opened the doors for an era of economic bloom and prosperity for all sections of the society. The firm is managed by a team of professionals having sound business backgrounds and is backed by a team of advisers comprised of experienced professionals in legal, financial and technical fields.


The team has also undertaken an ambitious ‘Plant a Million Trees’ campaign and realizes that these must be sown in reserves and managed woodlands so that their full maturity and biodiversity targets are achieved. The SuiGeneris Inc. has leased and acquired more than 1000 hectares of land for tree plantation in different areas of Manipur and plants high value species that are given aftercare till maturity.

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